ArticleUpcoming key dates and updates in the UK immigration

The Minister of State for Legal Migration and the Border, Tom Pursglove, has confirmed the implementation dates for several upcoming changes to the UK immigration policies. These changes are part of the government’s comprehensive 5-point immigration plan, aiming to streamline and update the current system.

  • Ban on care worker dependants: Effective from 11 March 2024, there will be a ban on dependants for care workers. This decision is part of the broader strategy to manage the influx and settlement of foreign workers in the care sector.
  • Changes to the Shortage Occupation List (SOL): April 2024 will see significant changes based on the Migration Advisory Committee’s (MAC) rapid review of the SOL, now known as the Immigration Salary List. This includes the removal of the 20% going rate discount for shortage occupations and the addition of occupations as recommended by the MAC.
  • Skilled worker visa minimum salary increase: From 4 April 2024, the minimum salary threshold for skilled worker visas will be increased. This change will not affect the Health and care Worker route.
  • Spouse/Partner visa minimum salary hike: The first stage of the increase in the minimum salary requirement for spouse/partner visas will be implemented from 11 April 2024, raising the threshold to £29,000. Subsequent increases are scheduled for later in 2024 to £34,500 (subject to change) and a further rise to around £38,700 in early 2025.

These upcoming changes reflect the UK government’s commitment to reforming and modernising its immigration system. For potential migrants and those planning to apply for various UK visas, staying informed about these changes is crucial for successful application and compliance with the updated rules.

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