ArticleKey facts for overseas business representative visa extension in the UK

If you’re currently on an Overseas Business Representative Visa in the UK, you might be wondering about the extension process. While the scheme closed for new applications in April 2022, it’s important to note that extensions are still possible for those who meet the criteria. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the key details and requirements for extending your stay as a representative of an overseas business in the UK.

Understanding the basics

The Overseas Business Representative Visa is designed for individuals who are the sole representatives of an overseas business in the UK. The purpose is to establish and supervise a registered branch or wholly owned subsidiary of the overseas business operating in the same business activity. The scheme aims to ensure that businesses have a genuine need for representation in the UK and that individuals are qualified to fulfil this role.

Genuineness requirement

One of the primary requirements for the extension is to establish the genuineness of your representation. It’s crucial to demonstrate that your appointment as a representative and the decision for the business to establish a presence in the UK are not primarily for the purpose of securing entry clearance or permission to stay. The UK authorities will assess the authenticity of your role and the business’s intentions.

Additional business requirements:

To qualify for an extension, you must meet several additional business requirements:

  1. Sole representative role: You must be the sole representative in the UK, assigned to establish and supervise a registered branch or wholly-owned subsidiary.
  2. Business headquarters: The overseas business must have its headquarters and principal place of business outside the UK, and it should intend to retain them.
  3. Ownership limitations: You should not be a majority owner or have substantial control over the overseas business.
  4. Senior employee status: As a representative, you must hold a senior position within the overseas business.
  5. Skills and experience: You should possess the skills, experience, and knowledge necessary to undertake the representative role.
  6. Authority to negotiate: Full authority to negotiate and make operational decisions on behalf of the overseas business for UK representation is required.

How to apply for an extension?

To initiate the extension process, gather all necessary documentation and evidence supporting your eligibility. Submit a comprehensive application showcasing your continued compliance with the visa requirements, your ongoing representation duties, and the genuine need for your presence in the UK.

While the Overseas Business Representative Visa scheme is closed for new applications, existing representatives can still extend their stay by meeting the specified criteria. Ensuring the genuineness of your representation and fulfilling the additional business requirements is key to a successful extension. If you’re ready to continue your role as a representative of an overseas business in the UK, navigate the extension process with confidence, meeting each requirement diligently.

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