ArticleFAQ’s on the UK government’s latest and radical immigration measures

Q: Why is the government implementing these immigration measures?

A: The Latest UK Immigration Rules aim to significantly reduce net migration, prioritize the domestic workforce, and prevent abuse of the immigration system. These measures are designed to protect British workers, reduce strain on public services, and ensure that migrants make a fair financial contribution to the UK.

Q: How will these measures impact healthcare workers, especially those on the Health and Care visa route?

A: Health and Care visa holders will be exempted from the increase in the salary threshold for Skilled Worker visas, ensuring that the UK can continue to attract vital healthcare workers. Additionally, those on national pay scales, such as teachers, will also be exempt from the increased salary threshold.

Q: What changes are being made to the Health and Care visa to address concerns about worker exploitation in the adult social care sector?

A: The Health and Care visa will be tightened to prevent overseas care workers from bringing their dependants to the UK. Care providers in England will only be able to sponsor migrant workers if they are engaged in activities regulated by the Care Quality Commission. These changes aim to address concerns about non-compliance, worker exploitation, and abuse in the adult social care sector.

Q: How will the government ensure that businesses prioritize British talent over overseas workers?

A: The government will increase the earning threshold for overseas workers by nearly 50%, from £26,200 to £38,700. This move is intended to encourage businesses to invest in the local workforce and deter over-reliance on migration. The minimum income required for British citizens sponsoring family members will also be increased, reinforcing the idea that individuals must contribute to the economy and not burden the state.

Q: Will these measures affect international students and their ability to bring dependants to the UK?

A: Yes, earlier measures to cut the number of student visas, included removing the right for international students to bring dependants, except for those on postgraduate research courses. This change will come into force for courses starting in January 2024.

These FAQs provide a brief overview of the key aspects of the Latest UK Immigration Rules and their implications. Additional details and guidance may be provided by relevant government departments as these measures are implemented.

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