ArticleNo dependants for care workers; learn who’s still eligible.

Effective today, 11 March 2024, dependants of newly sponsored skilled workers under standard occupation codes (SOC) 6145 (care workers and home carers) and 6146 (senior care workers) will no longer be allowed to join them in the UK.

Understanding the transitional provisions

The new rules incorporate transitional provisions, safeguarding those who are already in the UK as skilled workers or have submitted their skilled worker applications before the effective date. To be eligible for these protections, individuals need to have continuous permission to stay as skilled workers in SOC 6145 or 6146, which must be granted before the upcoming change.

For care providers in England, a new prerequisite emerges: the requirement to be registered with the Care Quality Commission and conduct regulated activities. This adds an extra layer of regulation to the sector.

Practical implications of the rule changes

To better understand the practical implications of these amendments, consider the following scenarios:

  1. Pre-march applications with pending Decision: Workers who have submitted their applications before 11 March 2024 and are awaiting a decision will still be eligible to have their dependants join them in the UK. These applications will be assessed under the immigration rules, valid as of 10 March 2024.
  2. Current employees seeking extension post-march: Existing employees covered by the transitional provisions can apply for an extension of stay along with their dependants after 11 March 2024.
  3. Switching from graduate to skilled worker route post-march: An employee currently on a graduate route, looking to switch to a skilled worker visa under SOCs 6145 or 6146 after the changes, will not be able to have their dependants remain in the UK under the skilled worker route.

Employers are encouraged to seek professional guidance to handle these complex immigration changes efficiently. Our immigration team is equipped to provide comprehensive advice and assistance in adapting to these new regulations.

The upcoming changes Emphasise the dynamic nature of UK immigration policies, underscoring the importance for employers and potential skilled workers to stay informed and prepared for the evolving landscape.

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