ArticleMAC recommends 21 occupations for the new immigration salary list

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recommended 21 occupations for inclusion in the new Immigration Salary List. The recommendation comes as a part of MAC’s rapid review and is expected to be reflected in the upcoming statement of changes to the immigration rules.

The context of the recommendations

The MAC’s review has led to the proposed removal of the 20% salary discount for jobs on the list, which aligns with the impending increase in the earnings threshold for skilled workers. This change is expected to reduce the list’s coverage from 30% of eligible jobs to about 8%, focusing on occupations that face greater challenges under the new salary threshold.

Detailed list of recommended occupations

The 21 occupations recommended for inclusion are a mix of roles from various sectors. Here’s a breakdown of these occupations:

SOC Code Occupation Specific Criteria UK Wide/Region Specific
1212 Managers and Proprietors in Forestry, Fishing, etc. Only “Fishing Boat Masters” Scotland Only
3111 Laboratory Technicians Must have 3+ years’ experience UK Wide
3212 Pharmaceutical Technicians UK Wide
5235 Boat and Ship Builders and Repairers Scotland Only
5312 Stonemasons and Related Trades UK Wide
5313 Bricklayers UK Wide
5314 Roofers, Roof Tilers, and Slaters UK Wide
5319 Construction and Building Trades NEC Only “Retrofitters” UK Wide
6129 Animal Care Services Occupations NEC Only specific roles in racing UK Wide
6135 Care Workers and Home Carers Excludes certain sponsors UK Wide
6136 Senior Care Workers UK Wide
2111 Chemical Scientists Only jobs in the nuclear industry Scotland Only
2112 Biological Scientists All non-healthcare jobs UK Wide
2115 Social and Humanities Scientists Only Archaeologists UK Wide
3411 Artists UK Wide
3414 Dancers and Choreographers Only skilled classical and contemporary dancers UK Wide
3415 Musicians Only skilled orchestral musicians meet specific standards UK Wide
3416 Arts Officers, Producers and Directors UK Wide
2142 Graphic and Multimedia Designers UK Wide
5213 Welding Trades Only high-integrity pipe welders with 3+ years’ of experience UK Wide
5316 Carpenters and Joiners UK Wide
What does this mean for the future?

The MAC’s recommendations represent a strategic shift in the UK’s approach to skilled worker immigration. The focus is now on ensuring that the Immigration Salary List aligns with the current economic landscape and addresses the needs of sectors experiencing labor shortages. The removal of the salary discount and the inclusion of these specific occupations reflect a nuanced approach to immigration, balancing the needs of the UK job market with fair employment practices.

The impending statement of changes is eagerly awaited, as it will cement these recommendations into policy. The MAC’s forward-thinking approach signifies a critical step towards a more responsive and adaptive immigration system, crucial for the UK’s continued growth and competitiveness in the global market.

The MAC’s recommendations for the Immigration Salary List mark a significant moment in UK immigration policy. By focusing on specific occupations that align with the nation’s evolving needs, the UK is set to foster a more efficient and fair immigration system, paving the way for a diverse and dynamic workforce.

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