ArticleMajor update for UK Sponsor Licence holders

The Home Office has announced that starting from 6 April 2024, the requirement to renew UK sponsor licence every four years will be discontinued. This change, which affects UK businesses holding sponsor licences, marks a notable departure from the existing system.

Key changes to sponsor licence renewals

  1. Automatic extension of sponsor licences:  For licences due to expire on or after 6 April 2024, there will be an automatic 10-year extension, eliminating the need for renewal applications. This extension is automatic and requires no action from the licence holders.
  2. Implications for licences expiring before 6 April 2024: Businesses whose sponsor licences are set to expire before this date must still apply for renewal and pay the associated fee. Failing to renew could lead to the licence lapsing, which would affect the right to continue sponsoring current workers, recruiting new sponsored employees, and maintaining compliance with right-to-work legislation.
  3. Refunds for recent renewal applications:  If a renewal application was submitted 90 days before the licence’s expiry and the licence expires on or after 6 April 2024, the Home Office has confirmed that the renewal fee will be refunded, and the licence will automatically be extended for 10 years.

Importance of sponsor licence management and compliance: With the focus shifting away from renewals, there is an anticipated increase in the Home Office’s scrutiny of sponsor licence compliance. It is crucial for businesses to invest in training key personnel or engage professional sponsor licence management services to ensure adherence to reporting and recording duties.

It is important that businesses check their sponsor licence expiry dates to determine whether they fall within the new rules. For those needing to renew their licences, seeking professional legal assistance from the UK’s best lawyers is advised to manage the process smoothly.

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