ArticleHow does the increased IHS impact individuals and families?  

In a significant update for UK immigration applicants, the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) is set to witness a notable increase from 6 February 2024. This rise will see the charge escalating to £1,035 for the main applicant and £776 for students and child applicants. The increase in the IHS, a mandatory fee for most visa applicants intending to stay in the UK for more than six months, will substantially affect the overall cost of obtaining UK visas.

The “IHS-hike” impact on individuals and families:

The enhanced IHS rates will apply to various visa durations, with particularly significant implications for those applying for longer-term visas. To provide a clearer understanding of the financial impact, here’s a breakdown of the increased charges for different family compositions under 3-year and 5-year visas:

  1. For a single adult applicant:
    • Under the new rates, a single adult applying for a 3-year visa will face a total IHS charge of £3,105, while the charge for a 5-year visa will be £5,175.
  2. For a single child applicant:
    • A child applicant will now incur £2,328 for a 3-year visa and £3,880 for a 5-year visa, reflecting the reduced rate for children and students.
  3. For two adult applicants:
    • A pair of adults applying together will see a surge to £6,210 for a 3-year visa and a substantial £10,350 for a 5-year visa.
  4. For a family of two adults and one child:
    • Families comprising two adults and one child will be charged £8,538 for a 3-year visa and a significant £14,230 for a 5-year visa.
  5. For a family of two adults and two children:
    • Larger families with two adults and two children will face an IHS charge of £10,866 for a 3-year visa and an even more substantial £18,110 for a 5-year visa.

Given the impending increase in the IHS, individuals and families planning to apply for UK visas are advised to consider the timing of their applications. Those who can submit their applications before 6 February 2024 may avoid the increased charges. Consider seeking expert advice to check the eligibility for exemption and fee waiver.

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