ArticleeVisa System: Online Immigration Status Guidance

As we approach the end of 2023, there are significant changes on the horizon regarding UK immigration procedures. Specifically, the expiration of Biometric Residence Permits (BRP) and Biometric Residence Cards (BRC) is leading to the introduction of Online Immigration Status “eVisas”, a new digital system set to transform how individuals verify and share their immigration status. Here is a comprehensive look at what this shift means for residents and how GigaLegal is here to assist.

The inception of eVisas

Beyond December 2024, BRPs, which many residents rely upon to prove their immigration status, will no longer be valid. In their place, the Home Office will introduce eVisas. As per the recent guidance, residents will need to establish an online account where they can access, view, and share vital information related to their immigration status with relevant entities, such as potential employers or landlords.

The process is designed to be user-friendly. Individuals can generate a share code using the ‘view and prove’ service, which allows third parties time-limited access to verify their immigration status. And there’s no need to memorize a single unique code; a new share code can be produced whenever necessary. Moreover, certain government departments and public authorities will have automatic access to this information, minimizing the need for manual verifications.

While detailed procedures for registration are set to be released in 2024, it is important to note that provisions will be made for those who might find it challenging to navigate the new system.

What will be the impact of eVisa?

Drawing parallels with the EU Settlement Scheme, there are concerns about potential issues that might arise with the shift to eVisas. The EU Settlement Scheme had its share of problems, notably impacting some residents’ travel and work capabilities. As the Home Office gears up for this change, it is crucial to be prepared and informed.

How GigaLegal can help?

The shift from BRPs and BRCs to eVisas is compulsory, and with it comes inevitable challenges. GigaLegal’s expert Immigration Solicitors are dedicated to helping you navigate these changes seamlessly. Whether you’re looking to understand the eVisa system, register your online account, or require assistance with any other aspect of the new process, our professional Immigration Solicitors are here for you every step of the way.

Remember, when it comes to immigration matters, it is always best to stay ahead. Stay informed, stay prepared, and let GigaLegal be your trusted partner in your immigration journey.

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