Cookie Policy

Gigalegal is required to preserve and respect your personal information.

Cookie Policy
Like many other company websites, the Gigalegal website may use a standardised technology known as “cookies” to obtain data about how users use our website. Cookies were developed to assist a website operator in identifying whether a particular user had previously visited the site and preserving and remembering any preferences the user may have set when browsing the site. Cookies are tiny text strings sent to your browser by websites, and cookies will not be able to access any other information on your computer, including your email address. If you are merely viewing the site, a cookie may be used to identify your browser as one that has previously visited the Gigalegal informational site.
Some Gigalegal online programs may apply memory-based cookies to assist in validating users. While you may set your browser to accept all cookies, alert you when a cookie is delivered, or refuse all cookies, you will be unable to utilise Gigalegal features that require registration if you reject cookies.

Use of Information
As this Privacy Statement outlines, you have freely submitted information if you have consented to collecting and using your personally identifiable information. You can choose not to use a service if we ask to use your data in a way not stated in this Privacy Statement in connection with your use of that service and you do not wish to approve such use.
We may occasionally send you content or email about products and services if you have voluntarily given personally identifiable information. If you do not want to receive such offers or mailings, you can easily specify this on the submission form by checking the appropriate option.

How do we keep your information safe?
We go to enormous measures to keep your personally identifiable information safe. Some industry-standard security measures include firewalls, encryption, intrusion detection, and site monitoring. Nevertheless, there is no way to ensure that data transmitted via the Internet is entirely secure. As a result, while we make every effort to protect your personally identifiable information, we cannot guarantee or promise that any information you send or receive from us will remain secure. This is especially true if you provide us with information via email. We have no way of protecting that information until it reaches us. We undertake a great effort to protect your communication on our servers once we receive it.
Naturally, we will restrict access to your personally identifiable information to only those employees who need it to do their jobs. This unit is small in size and complies with our privacy policies, and we will examine our security protocols regularly as required.

Links to Other Websites
Links to third-party websites, including our commercial partners, may be found on the Gigalegal website. While we make every attempt to link to sites that share our high standards and privacy and confidentiality, we cannot be held liable for the privacy policies of third-party websites. Kindly contact us for any queries or concerns regarding this statement.

Legal Notice
All of the content and data on this site are provided solely for educational purposes and the user’s convenience. While we make every effort to offer accurate facts and statistics, some of the data and information on this website may have errors or omissions due to human error, technological errors, or other causes. In addition, the data and statistics on this website are subject to change anytime. Gigalegal and its affiliates make no claims or warranties about the accuracy of the information and data on this site. Any liability resulting from such representations or warranties is explicitly disclaimed. Any responsibility arising from such representations or warranties is expressly disclaimed. Gigalegal and its affiliates are not accountable for any indirect, special, incidental, punitive, or exemplary damages arising out of or in conjunction with the information or data on this site, including commodity information, or the user’s reliance on or use of this site.