ArticleHow to choose the best immigration solicitor?

Immigration cases and related matters require expertise and precision. Hence, making the selection of an immigration lawyer becomes a critical decision. For those exploring online options, asking the right questions becomes even more essential. At GigaLegal, we understand the significance of this choice and offer guidance on the crucial queries to pose before hiring an expert immigration solicitor.

1. Assessing experience in Immigration Law

Question: What is your experience in Immigration related matters?

Experience is paramount in the field of immigration law. Ensure your prospective lawyer is not only qualified but also possesses substantial experience in handling cases similar to yours, be it a UK visit visa, student visa, spouse visa, business visa, UK visa extension, Indefinite Leave to Remain, or Naturalisation. An experienced immigration solicitor will manage the evolving laws and regulations with ease, offering you the best possible advice.

2. Understanding fee structures

Question: What is your fee for my immigration matter?

Clarity on legal fees is crucial. Immigration solicitors may charge differently – hourly, per case, or a flat fee. Understanding their billing method upfront prevents unexpected costs, enabling you to budget accurately for the legal services you require.

3. Flexibility with payment

Question: Do you have flexible payment plans?

Some immigration lawyers offer flexibility in payment plans, including the scope to make the final payment after a small initial deposit once they achieve the desired outcome. While not all cases can be guaranteed, understanding their policy on this matter can give you an idea of their confidence and commitment to your case.

4. Communication preferences

Question: What is your preferred mode of communication?

Given the complex and often urgent nature of immigration matters, consistent and clear communication is essential. Inquire about their preferred communication channels – be it emails, phone calls, or video calls – and how frequently they are available for consultations or updates on your case.

5. Seeking client references

Question: Can I see some of your previous success stories?

Requesting references or testimonials from previous clients can provide insights into the immigration solicitor’s track record, professionalism, and success rate. Positive feedback from former clients is often a good indicator of a reliable and competent immigration lawyer.

By asking these five questions, you position yourself to choose an expert immigration lawyer who is best suited to your unique needs. Remember, the right legal guidance can make a significant difference in the outcome of your immigration process.

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