ArticleWho is a “new entrant” in the UK?

The “new entrant” status in the UK Skilled Worker visa category is a crucial yet often overlooked facet. As the Home Office raises the general salary thresholds for Skilled Workers on 4 April 2024, this provision remains a valuable tool for businesses and individuals in the early stages of their careers in the UK. It allows a reduced salary threshold, providing flexibility for employers and a stepping stone for new professionals.

Who is a new entrant?

A “new entrant” is typically someone at the beginning of their career. If they meet specific criteria, they can benefit from a reduced salary requirement for up to four years under the Skilled Worker visa. This opportunity is especially significant for organisations hiring graduates, as it aids in meeting the salary threshold more feasibly. Moreover, annual salary increments may enable these employees to progress to a higher salary amount after four years naturally.

Criteria to be classified as a new entrant include:

  1. Being under 26 years old at the time of application.
  2. Holding a postdoctoral position in specific occupations.
  3. Working towards a professional qualification, full registration, or chartered status in a relevant profession.
  4. Transitioning from the Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa, Tier 4 (General), or the student route.
  5. Holding a previous Graduate visa.

Why immediate action is necessary?

While no specific changes have been announced regarding new entrants, it’s important to note that the immigration landscape is subject to frequent updates. Potential future changes could affect both the minimum salary requirement and the eligibility criteria for new entrants. The minimum salary for a new entrant Skilled Worker is £20,960 till 3 February 2024, 80% of the rate for experienced workers. However, the landscape will change from 4 April 2024, affecting how companies approach this route.

The new entrant route offers a strategic advantage for businesses and individuals alike under current immigration rules. Companies can access global talent at the nascent stage of their careers, while individuals can step into the UK workforce under more attainable conditions. However, staying abreast of any potential changes in the rules is crucial to maximise this opportunity and ensure compliance with the UK immigration system.

The absence of changes to the new entrant rules in the Home Office’s latest statements provides a window of opportunity. Businesses looking to recruit global talent in the early stages of their careers should consider acting promptly to take advantage of the current provisions while remaining vigilant for any upcoming amendments in the immigration landscape.

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