ArticleWhat is on the Appendix Statelessness?

The UK Home Office is set to revolutionise its approach to statelessness with the introduction of Appendix Statelessness, effective from 31 January 2024. This new appendix replaces the existing provisions for Stateless Persons found in Part 14 of the Immigration Rules.

Key highlights of the Appendix Statelessness:

  1. New routes for partners and children: From 16 January 2024, partners and children of Stateless Persons who are not stateless themselves or are living overseas will no longer apply under Appendix Stateless. Instead, they will be directed to apply under the family provisions in Appendix FM. This shift allows a Stateless Person to sponsor their partner and dependent child under Appendix FM. Applicants may be subject to application fees unless a fee waiver is applicable. This emphasises the need for financial preparedness in the application process.
  2. Retention of rights for current partners and children: For partners and children who currently hold permission under Part 14: Stateless Persons, the option to extend this permission or to settle in the UK remains intact. This continuity ensures that those already in the system are not adversely affected by the transition to the new appendix.
  3. Combining time across different immigration routes: An additional amendment allows Stateless applicants to aggregate time spent under other qualifying routes towards a 5-year settlement period. To qualify, applicants must have legally entered the UK and held permission on the stateless route for a minimum of one year at the time of applying for settlement. This change provides greater flexibility and acknowledges the varied immigration journeys of Stateless individuals.

As we approach the implementation date, it is essential for affected individuals to understand these changes and prepare accordingly. This change is a reminder of the evolving nature of immigration policies and the importance of staying informed in an ever-changing legal landscape.

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