ArticleWhat is Global Business Mobility Visa?

Launched on 11 April 2022, the UK’s Global Business Mobility Visa presents a versatile suite of visa options designed to cater to a diverse array of professional needs. This new immigration route, encompassing five distinct sub-categories, is tailored for specific types of workers and does not lead to settlement. It aims to infuse flexibility and agility into the deployment of workers with specialised expertise to the UK to support specific projects or commercial requirements.

Overview of the Global Business Mobility Visa

  1. Senior or Specialist Worker Visa: This category replaces the Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) visa. It facilitates the smooth relocation of senior and specialist employees between the UK and international offices of the same company. Applicants need to be existing employees of the sponsoring entity overseas and must have worked outside the UK for the sponsor for a minimum of 12 months unless they meet the criteria for high earners.
  2. Graduate Trainee Visa: Tailored for UK companies with overseas operations, this visa allows graduates undergoing specialised training to experience work placements in the UK. These placements are integral to developing skills leading to specialized or senior management roles. This visa bolsters graduate trainee programs, fostering stronger ties between overseas and UK operations.
  3. UK Expansion Worker Visa: This visa has supplanted the Sole Representative Business visa. It is designed for overseas companies aiming to deploy multiple representatives to the UK to establish or expand their UK-based operations. It’s a significant tool for international business expansion into the UK market.
  4. Service Suppliers Visa: Targeted at contractual service suppliers and self-employed independent professionals based overseas, this visa is crucial for companies engaging specialist contractors for niche projects or specific requirements. It facilitates the temporary movement of key individuals to the UK for project-based work.
  5. Secondment Workers Visa: As a new addition under the Global Business Mobility route, this visa caters to workers being seconded to the UK as part of high-value contracts or investments by overseas employers. It is a strategic pathway for enhancing international business collaborations through employee secondment.

The Global Business Mobility visa represents a strategic evolution in the UK’s approach to business immigration, aligning with the needs of the modern global economy. By offering tailored solutions for various business scenarios, the visa streamlines the process of bringing in specialised talent and executives to the UK. For companies operating on a global scale, understanding and utilising these visa options will be crucial in maintaining competitive agility and international growth.

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