ArticleUK visit visa: Fulfilling the ‘Genuine Visitor’ requirement

With over 1.9 million visitor visas granted in the year ending September 2023, the UK remains a prime destination for tourists, business travellers, and students. However, the Home Office’s latest report indicates a drop in the grant rate, emphasising the importance of a well-prepared application.

The ‘Genuine Visitor’ requirement

The UK’s visitor visa encompasses various sub-categories like tourism, business, and short-term study, typically valid for six months. For a successful application, adherence to Paragraph V 4.2. of Appendix V: Visitor is paramount, demanding proof of:

  • Intention to leave the UK at visit’s end.
  • Not making the UK a primary residence through frequent or successive visits.
  • Genuine entry for permissible purposes under the visitor route.
  • Avoidance of prohibited activities outlined in V 4.4. to V 4.6.
  • Sufficient funds without recourse to public work or funds.

Caseworkers assess various factors, including immigration history, financial circumstances, and ties to the country of residence, to ascertain genuineness.

What documents are required to prove genuineness?

The Home Office requires documents in English or Welsh with certified translations. Essential documents include:

  • Letters from UK contacts or organisations outlining visit details and financial support.
  • Evidence of circumstances in the home country, like employment or education letters, business documents, or previous passports.
  • Legal residence proof if not a citizen of the country from where applying.
  • Financial proofs like bank statements or salary slips.

However, certain documents are less influential, such as outdated bank statements, driving licenses, or personal photographs.

Visa Nationals must apply for a visit visa before travelling to the UK, while Non-visa Nationals can apply upon arrival at the UK border. Both categories must convincingly meet the genuine visitor criteria to avoid visa refusal.

Understanding and substantiating the genuine visitor requirement is key to securing a UK visit visa. Applicants must tailor their application to their specific circumstances and provide robust evidence to support their claims. As UK immigration law evolves, staying informed and well-prepared is essential for a successful visit to the UK.

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