ArticleHow to generate a share code?

The share code, a nine-digit alphanumeric identifier, has become an essential tool in the post-Brexit era for non-UK nationals to demonstrate their immigration status and right to work in the United Kingdom. This unique code serves as a digital verification method, replacing the traditional reliance on EU, EEA, or Swiss passports and ID cards.

Share code in employment verification

Employers in the UK are now mandated to conduct right-to-work checks for employees from European countries, necessitating a comprehensive understanding of the system. The share code not only confirms the type of work an individual is legally permitted to undertake but also specifies the duration of their authorized employment in the UK.

Key features of the system
  1. Job type and duration verification: The code enables employers to ascertain the specific job roles an individual is authorized to perform and the length of their permissible work period in the UK.
  2. Access to public services and rights: It reveals the individual’s eligibility for public services like the NHS, their rights regarding UK benefits, and their legal capacity to open bank accounts or apply for credit.
  3. Fraud prevention: To deter fraudulent activities, each share code is valid for only 30 days, requiring new issuance upon expiration.
How to generate and share the code?
  1. Gather required documents: The individual needs a biometric residence permit (BRP) number, biometric residence card number, passport, or national identity card.
  2. Log into the GOV.UK Account: Using the ID from their visa application, the individual logs in to their government account.
  3. Receive a verification code: A 6-digit code is sent to their phone or email for account access.
  4. View immigration status: Upon logging in, the individual can view their immigration status and generate a share code.
  5. Specify the purpose: They select the reason for needing the code (employer, landlord, etc.).
  6. Create the Share Code: The system generates a 9-digit alphanumeric code.
  7. Provide the code to the Employer: The individual shares this code along with their date of birth with the employer, facilitating right-to-work checks and the onboarding process.

The share code system represents a significant advancement in the way non-UK nationals and employers handle the complexities of immigration status verification in the UK.

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