ArticleUK Graduate Visa’s opportunities and limitations

The Graduate Visa route offers a promising opportunity for students who have completed eligible UK qualifications to remain in the country for work. This visa allows a stay of two years (or three for doctorate awardees). The route offers a flexible option for graduates exploring their career paths.

What can graduate visa holders do and not do?

    1. Explore work opportunities: Graduate Visa holders can engage in various activities. The list includes paid and unpaid employment, voluntary work, self-employment, and business or professional activities. This route’s flexibility is vast as it accommodates various career aspirations and paths.
    2. Prohibition on professional sports: The only notable restriction for graduate visa holders is the prohibition on working as a professional sportsperson. This includes coaching roles. However, a graduate visa holder can participate in amateur sports. It has to be for personal enjoyment rather than as a means of livelihood.

Working requirements and flexibility:

1. Is working on a graduate visa mandatory?

The graduate visa does not impose an obligation to secure employment. It is primarily designed for graduates to seek and undertake work. Thus, it offers the freedom to explore various career avenues without the pressure of immediate employment.

2. How many hours can I work on a graduate visa?

There are no specific restrictions on the number of working hours. This flexibility allows for full-time or part-time employment and the possibility of working for multiple employers.

Study permissions and restrictions

Can I study while on a graduate visa?

Studying is allowed under the graduate visa, but there are restrictions. Studying with an education provider with Student Sponsor status is not permissible. If your chosen course is ineligible for a student visa, you may pursue it while on a graduate visa.

Dependants’ rights under the graduate visa

  1. Work rights for dependants: Dependents of graduate visa holders are permitted to work except as professional sportspersons.
  2. Study permissions for dependents: Dependents can also study in the UK (subject to the adhering ATAS condition of Appendix ATAS) if they are over 18 and commencing their studies.

The Graduate Visa route allows international graduates to gain work experience and explore career opportunities in the UK. Understanding the scope and limitations of this visa is crucial for making the most of this opportunity.

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